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Coaching & Mentoring
We offer comprehensive follow-up coaching and mentoring services designed to enhance CXO engagement for your sales teams. This includes both one-to-one and group coaching and mentoring sessions, allowing sales executives and managers to further develop their understanding of CXOs, as well as their access and engagement strategies.
Business Knowledge Growth
We also focus on improving the business knowledge of your customer-facing staff. Selling to C-suite executives demands a certain level of financial and business acumen, such as the ability to interpret financial statements. Our CXOs give specialised training in specific domain or functional areas, equipping your sales team with the necessary skills.
Build Win Capability
We specialise in building your win capability at the CXO level. If your CXO sales conversion rates need improvement, we deliver customizable modules to help sales teams craft winning CXO documents and pitches. We facilitate real-world account reviews and account planning to further enhance your success.
Marketing & Sales Enablement
Our services extend to marketing and sales enablement for CXO engagements. We collaborate with your marketing team to ensure the entire go-to-market team can clearly articulate a CXO-led value proposition. This is supported by the right CXO-targeted success stories and related messaging.
Event Support
We offer support programs to spread the CXO engagement message through various events. Our CXO network is capable of delivering key messages about CXOs' needs and how to engage with them. Additionally, we conduct mini real-play sessions to enhance understanding. Our support spans a widerange of events from bootcamps to offsites and strategic planning sessions.
Sales Kick Off
Wondering how you can make the most of having your entire Sales organisation in one place, and have them leave your event inspired and equipped to engage with CXO executives and become that all important ‘trusted advisor’?

Introducing the SKO Collection - a range of high impact solutions designed to make SKO’sunique, more memorable, more impactful and more educational than anything they’ve experienced before.
LEarn more
Our whole company learned a great deal from rolling out this program worldwide
Enterprise Director, VMWare
It was a truly unique experience and exactly what the team needed to improve its skill set to position business value propositions at board level. An outstanding program.
VP Sales, Atos