Solving the CXO Challenge
The Business Simulator

of executive decision-makers want to have a conversation, not a presentation for sales-related pitches.
of executives believe that their meetings with salespeople are valuable and live up to their expectations.
of executives will buy from the company that defines the buying vision
Only 5% of executives and 9% of IT leaders will usually accept a follow up meeting
What is the Youd Andrews Business Simulator?
The Youd Andrews Business Simulator is a unique experiential learning programme delivered by the only CXO-network of its type in the world. Watch the video below and learn how it works and the results it delivers
In 'C' level meetings, regardless of the CXO you're engaging with, the strategic imperative is to swiftly immerse yourself in their context. Your goal is to promptly demonstrate how, with your assistance, they can achieve something tomorrow that is presently beyond their reach.

This achievement should be closely aligned with their strategic vision, with a clear connection to the cumulative value you can bring in realising that vision. Additionally, you must provide a clear timeline for when they can expect to see this value, along with compelling evidence of your successful track record in delivering similar outcomes for others.
Based on the Youd Andrews 6Cs Framework, our Business Simulator parallels the pilot training method in flight simulators, but focuses on CXO engagement.
Through "real-play" sessions with highly experienced CXOs, followed by targeted CXO feedback and multiple meetings with various CXOs, participants undergo a comprehensive engagement cycle
The experience is designed to allow paticipants to practise, experiment, and refine their CXO-engagement techniques in a lifelike setting, ensuring effective skill development.
The 6C's Framework
We have spent nearly 30 nearly defining and refining the blueprint for successful CXO Engagement: 
The detail:
  • 1/2/3 day programme duration
  • Deliverable either F2F or via a Virtual Platform
  • Deliverable in 7 languages by Youd Andrews’s international CXO network
  • Up to 60 real play meetings over 2 days, 30 hours of business interaction, 30+ hours of feedback and coaching
  • Includes self analysis, peer commentary & ‘C’ level customer perspective
  • 15-30 people per programme, with 3-6 CXOs
This is why we are trusted to develop customer facing teams at some of the largest and fastest growing companies in the world: 
Clients require
Youd Andrews OFFERS
Larger average deal sizes
Global network of CXOs that deliver the programs
Improved CXO access and mindshare, and trusted partner status
Our unique “6Cs Framework for successful CXO engagement”, developed by our CXOs over the last 30+ years
An extension to your company DNA that ensures successful CXO engagement
Real-play methodology that maximises time with, and feedback from, our CXOs
Our whole company learned a great deal from rolling out this program worldwide
Enterprise Director, VMWare
It was a truly unique experience and exactly what the team needed to improve its skill set to position business value propositions at board level. An outstanding program.
VP Sales, Atos
I have never attended any form of education or business simulator that was as valuable and challenging
This programme has absolutely elevated my view of CxO interaction and their view of the world
Strategic account executive, Zendesk
It’s a valuable treasure that I will use in our professional journey
Director, Cognizant increasing the average deal size achieved by client-facing teams we are seeing pipeline opportunities typically 3-4 times larger than what has historically been the case, alongside a more sensitive understanding of our target organisations’ strategic needs
SVP, Enterprise Solutions, Meltwater
I put my significant learnings into practice the following day with a customer CxO –this meeting was of significantly higher impact as a direct result of the Youd Andrews  Program
Account Director, Salesforce