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Sustaining exceptional CXO engagement and sales success requires staying current with evolving CXO behaviours, preferences, and C-Suite cultural dynamics.

Launching shortly, our alumni program will offer ongoing access to the latest insights and coaching from our global CXO network, as well as additional CXO engagement opportunities.

This exclusive program is complimentary for all YA Alumni. 

Take a look below at everything that will be on offer in the YA Alumni programme, and leave your details to register and be notified as soon as we’re live.
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Why join the programme?
Our alumni programme serves to equip all Youd Andrews alumni with the latest content and coaching from our global network of CXOs, and further opportunities for CXO access:
Carry on learning about, and improve, CXO engagement
Obtain the credibility and trust of your target C-Suite audience thanks to the ongoing access to their CXO peers
Keep up to date with the ongoing CXO behaviours (wants and needs) as well as C-Suite cultural shifts
Maintain a competitive advantage: all research, materials, events and additional coaching are exclusive to the Alumni community and cannot be accessed any other way.
Exclusive resources
Coaching Corner

A regularly updated selection of CXO videos sharing hints and tips for best practice and discussing latest trends.

Delivered twice a year, the YA Alumni research report's provide members with the latest information about CXO's wants and needs as well as essential benchmarks and insights. 
Members-only LinkedIn group

A private community page that brings our alumni together with our network of global CXOs to receive additional guidance and insights to complement the hands-on experience and ensure ongoing sales excellence.
A snapshot of upcoming events
CXO Online seminar series

Taking place 4-6 times a year, these 1-hour webinars will focus on ‘hot topics’ the alumni community propose.
CXO Concierge

Counsel and advice opportunity to discuss a particular approach or presentation. Offered 4-6 times a year, alumni can book a 1-2-1 slot, or join the open sessions.
CXO Forum

In-person roundtables for greater engagement offering insights, learning and conversation.
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Our whole company learned a great deal from rolling out this program worldwide
Enterprise Director, VMWare
It was a truly unique experience and exactly what the team needed to improve its skill set to position business value propositions at board level. An outstanding program.
VP Sales, Atos
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